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LNG to industry

Natural Gas is the least polluting fossil fuel per unit of energy consumed. It is also a very price-competitive option when compared to fuels such as heavy fuel, LPG, or Diesel.
For these reasons, it is currently the most widely used fuel in industrial processes requiring combustion, hot water, or steam (ovens, water/steam boilers, drying, cogeneration, etc.).
The natural gas pipeline system covers only certain parts of a region, leaving a large area without direct access to natural gas.
As a result, some industrial customers in the region are forced to use more expensive and more polluting fuels to meet their thermal needs.

Liquid natural gas is providing the solution. LNG transported by truck and stored in fit-for-purpose small regasification stations provides customers the qualities of natural gas.

Cry Advise is capable of helping you realize this solution from A to Z.

LNG (and CNG) for heavy-duty vehicles

Natural gas (LNG/CNG) is a low cost, clean, quiet, and safer road transportation fuel, that can be used to power a wide range of road vehicles, including professional vehicles, heavy duty trucks and buses.
Natural gas almost eliminates pollutants such as NOx and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 15% to 20% compared to conventional fossil fuels.
LNG is proving to be an ideal next-generation fuel for heavy-duty trucking, offering over 1,000km of autonomy considering today’s engine and fuel system designs, while achieving above cost and environmental benefits and negligible operating and maintenance costs.

Cryo Advise provides solutions for truck owners and traditional fuelling station owners with solutions that transfers your operation to LNG or BIO LNG.From cryogenic awareness and LNG business plans, over permit requests, project management for your (BIO)LNG project, advise on LNG technologies, LNG supply and commissioning of LNG installations, cryo Advise is capable to assist you for your (BIO)LNG project from A to Z.


BioLNG generation and applications

In view of the green deal that was launched by the European Union, the emission of CO2 will have to go down. BioLNG is one of the opportunities to reach the goals set in the green deal for the transportation industry (heavy duty vehicles – marine)

Since the BioLNG production process captures carbon, the BioLNG value chain generates negative carbon emissions.
The EU production of BioLNG is set to increase considerably by 2030. Using a 40 per cent BioLNG mix with LNG will help reduce the CO2 emissions from those trucks by 55 per cent this complying with the target set in the green deal

Cryo Advise is capable in providing the needed advise, feasibility studies, project management and execution of projects in order to realize a BioLNG solution in your organisation.

BioLNG can be used in the existing LNG infrastructure with no further technological adaptations or additional costs. For this reason LNG infrastructure is fundamental to ensure the deployment of Bio-LNG in the coming years.