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Consulting for small, midscale LNG and BioLNG projects


LNG solutions, basic design, permits, project management

Are you looking at developing an opportunity in the world of small and mid scale LNG?

  • Cryo Advise is a consulting company active in the field of small and mid-scale LNG systems. The advise is provided based upon experience in EXISTING small and mid scale LNG systems for industry, automotive, marine and municipalities. Cryo Advise is active in consulting, setting up basic design, estimation, permittingĀ and project management of cryogenic systems for the small and mid-scale LNG supply chain.
  • Cryo Advise is lead by Jan Van Houwenhove. He has a lifetime long experience in Cryogenics and practical LNG experience for over 10 years.
  • According to your project, teams are put together with the aim to provide pragmatic solutions towards the market of small and mid scale LNG systems.
  • From market analysis over feasibility studies to basic design and project management, Cryo Advise can provide services for the complete small and mid-scale LNG supply chain.
  • With the practical experience on technical, commercial and operational projects, we provide you with the needed information, solutions and optimum advise for all you small and mid scale LNG related projects.

LNG consulting for (Bio)LNG projects

LNG bunkering – LNG for automotive – LNG fueling systems
LNG solutions, basic design, permits, project management


New advanced LNG training facility at RelyOn Nutec is now open!

For the last four months, RelyOn Nutec has been working hard with Cryo Advise on completing the building of a new LNG training facility at their Rotterdam training centre. They opened their first LNG facility in 2014, and with the move to their new location in 2018...

Laiterie des Ardennes Transports opens their LNG fuelling installation for the LNG powered truck fleet.

Only 10 months after the start of the project, Cryo Advise managed to install and start up the LNG fuelling service station in Recogne. The scope for Cryo Advise included the permitting, FEED, project management and the set up of the LNG supply contract for Laiterie...

RelyOn Nutec

RelyOn Nutec, World's leading provider of safety training for the oil & gas, maritime and wind industry has awarded the order to install a state of the art LNG training facility in their Rotterdam facility to Cryo Advise. Cryo Advise received the order for the...

Laiterie Des Ardennes Transports invests in LNG filling station for heavy-duty trucks in Recogne- Libramont

Cryo Advise received the order for the project management of the complete project. The order includes the layout setup, the permitting process, the business plan and the execution for the complete LNG filling station as a replacement of an existing diesel filling...

Cryo Advise moves into BioLNG

As reaction upon a specific request from the market, Cryo Advise decided to put a large part of their effort in development of the BioLNG business in Belgium. BioLNG is not available in Belgium. Cryo Advise has the goal to make BioLNG available in Belgium in due time.

Cryo Advise and OMV

OMV headoffice awarded the contract to consult the OMV group in their development of LNG filling stations to Cryo Advise. The consulting project involves the installation of LNG filling stations for heavy duty trucks in Austria.

LNG powered trucks in Belgium

Cryo Advise has updated the business plan for transport companies having the idea to invest into LNG powered trucks and/or LNG filling stations for LNG powered trucks. Updates available by contacting us via email.

Advise for LNG supply for ferries

The supply of LNG for the ferries on the north-western parts of Scotland are a challenge. The ferry operator responsible for the operations is working with Cryo Advise to make sure that this part of the project is handled in the most professional way.

LNG bunker arm design for first inland LNG bunkerbarge

Cryo Advise provided crucial support in the design of the LNG bunker arm used on the LNG London, the first LNG inland bunkerbarge in North West Europe.

Advise on cryogenic installation for Jan De Nul

Cryo Advise provided advise on feasibility study for an onshore LNG installation