About Us

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  • Cryo Advise is a consulting company active in the field of small and mid-scale LNG systems. The advise is provided based upon experience in EXISTING small and mid scale LNG systems for industry, automotive, marine and municipalities. Cryo Advise is active in consulting, setting up basic design, estimation, permittingĀ and project management of cryogenic systems for the small and mid-scale LNG supply chain.
  • Cryo Advise is lead by Jan Van Houwenhove. He has a lifetime long experience in Cryogenics and practical LNG experience for over 10 years.
  • According to your project, teams are put together with the aim to provide pragmatic solutions towards the market of small and mid scale LNG systems.
  • From market analysis over feasibility studies to basic design and project management, Cryo Advise can provide services for the complete small and mid-scale LNG supply chain.
  • With the practical experience on technical, commercial and operational projects, we provide you with the needed information, solutions and optimum advise for all you small and mid scale LNG related projects.