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Cryo Advise consults Calmac in Scotland for LNG bunkering

May 2017. Cryo Advise got the contract to provide Calmac Ltd. in Schotland with the project assistance for the development and realisation of the LNG bunkering for the first Scottish LNG propelled ferries. Caledonian MacBrayne, usually shortened to Calmac, is the major operator of passenger and vehicle ferries, and ferry services, between the mainland of Scotland and

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Cryo Advise receives consulting role for the first LNG inland bunkerbarge

In April 2017, Cryo Advise received the consulting role with Victrol in Antwerpen for the development and construction for the first inland LNG bunkerbarge in the ARA zone. The contract consists of cryogenic advise with regards to the LNG bunker installation onboard the inlad vessel.

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Permits for LNG bunker and LNG fuel station in Antwerp

Cryo Advise has obtained the permits for the construction of the LNG bunker and LNG fuel station in Port of Antwerp – concession to be executed by ENGIE – LNG Solutions

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The project INtoLNG was succesfully presented to the EU. With the help of all partners of the consortium, this project is now under evaluation.

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LNG systems for industry

feasability studies - basic design - advise for permitting

Risk analysis for LNG systems

Setting up scenarios for the use of LNG and provide risk analysis for feasability studies.

LNG bunkering

◦ Feasibility studies for bunkering, LNG supply​ ◦ Business cases​ ◦ Basic designs​ ◦ Project management

LNG filling stations for auto motive​

◦ Feasibility studies for bunkering​ ◦ Business cases​ ◦ Basic designs​ ◦ Project management

LNG systems onboard ships​

◦ Feasibility studies for LNG supply ◦ Permit handling​ ◦ Project management

LNG awareness sessions

◦ The world of LNG – challenges and opportunities.​ ◦ basic cryogenic training on the use of LNG